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Please be aware that anything you type into this free online typos generator will be converted directly into a URL and sent to our server for processing into your tailor-made list of typo errors. It is important that you understand that these URLs will be stored in our server logs permanently, in unencrypted format. Furthermore these URLs and the phrases that they represent, may appear at a later date in our anonymous public indexes: the recent typos lists, all time top 100 lists, A-to-Z index, etc etc. Once a phrase has been included in our public anonymous indexes, is very likely to remain publicly visible in perpetuity, unless manually removed by the site owner. These public anonymous indexes are likely to be included in major search engines, which update their indexes regularly by crawling our site. Hence, anything you may enter into the generator may one day be visible in the results pages of major search engines, as an entry named after the phrase you originally entered, and a URL containing that phrase linking to this website. Therefore you are advised only to enter phrases into the generator that you are happy to have anonymously publicly displayed in our indexes, and in the results of major search engines, at any future date, for an indeterminate length of time or indefinitely. It is a condition of your usage of this free tool that you do not object to this recording and anonymous re-publishing of any phrases you may enter into the typo generator. Requests to remove phrases you have entered are not guaranteed to be actioned. You have been warned!


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